San Francisco CA:
  As Goethe says, architecture may indeed be the frozen music of time. But the story of a city is more than the buildings which map it. It lives in the people who pass through it, and in the lives they live. It expands and contracts, stretching like a skyline, and shrinking to the smoke and space of a single sound. The true story of a city is born in it's hidden music; flowing as if a reef, like a bird on a wire. the members of Circus Flim-Flam invite you on a trip inside the emerald city. Through circus, theatre, dance and live sound, they bring to life a host of characters and creations that illuminate a place and time. From the smallest room in the poorest block in Sucker Free to the top of the Bay Bridge, from the circus gyms of the Haight to the leather clubs of SOMA, from the brightest moments to the deepest darkness, Circus FlimFlam is an immersion in a world within worlds.
“Explosive Entertainment. Phenomenal. -Chad Jones, SF Chronicle”
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